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Add console year next to games count?

  • Hey guys! I wasn't sure if this might belong over in ideas and development, or if there is a simple way I am just overlooking, but...

    Is there a way to add custom text (in this case the year of console release) next to the games count under each console on the main screen in EmulationStation?

  • I did it by adding an extra field to the theme I was using (which is a vertical version I made of Metapixel). In each theme.xml for each system, I added something like this:

    	<view name="system"> 
    		<text name="year" extra="true">

    and in the main theme file (metapixel.xml in this case) I added

    		<text name="year" extra="true">
    			<pos>0.05 0.55</pos>
    			<size>0.9 0.16</size>

    within the <view name="system"> block. Result:

    Picture of the Amiga screen with year.

  • @rkoster Ah, Nice! I'll have to dig into the xml files for Carbon since that's what I'm using. I don't have much expertise in that area, but it doesn't look like it would be too much trouble with a little tinkering. Maybe someone who has done it on Carbon will chime in as well before I get a chance to.. :D


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