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Integrated LED Marquee for RetroPie and Updating during ES Front End Scrolling

  • Hi, I'm working on a project to integrate an LED matrix marquee with RetroPie. Using the and scripts, I'm able to change the LED matrix to artwork that matches the game that has been launched. That works just fine, video of that working here

    I'd like to take it one step farther and also be able to change the LED matrix as the user is scrolling through games on EmulationStation (before launching a game). I do have an existing API and just need a hook I can tie into to trigger my API based on the front end scrolling events in EmulationStation.

    Any pointers where to get started would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  • @alinke This is incredible work already. I don't have much in the way of help, but definitely in the way of encouragement haha.

  • @hooperre that helps too :-), appreciate it!

  • Here's things working on HyperSpin, hoping to achieve something similar on RetroPie, any advice where to get started would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    @alinke Emulationstation added recently support for event scripting, but for the change-system or scrolling through games there are no events triggered - IMHO it would have a non-trivial performance impact.
    How does Hyperspin integrate with the LED matrix ? Do you execute commands on those events or does it have something built in ?

  • thanks @mitu , very much appreciate the reply. On HyperSpin, there are a few third party plug-ins (LEDBlinky and EDS) which have access to wheel scrolling events that I'm able to integrate with. EDS uses Windows Named Pipes for example to capture and trigger the events. I have a listener that receives those events via REST URL API calls and then update the LED marquee accordingly. Would be awesome to find a way to do this with RetroPie.

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