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8bitdo controllers not programming left on the right analog stick

  • I never said anything about this before sinice i knew that 4.5 was coming out.

    So im running RetroPie 4.5 on a Pi3b

    Im using both a 8bitdo N30 PRO2 and NES30 pro, both with the latest firmware
    and im connecting in android mode.

    everything works fine and pairs but when i first power everything on. no matter what button i push my ES menu always goes to the left one or two systems, even if i press the right button.

    also it has gone back to not programming the left on the right analog stick in the configuring screen. and i know there was no definitely fix for this problem before other then the devs changing the SDL or something

    i know that i had this problem before and it still seems like it is just me like before.
    i dont want to use switch mode due me having to remember to press two buttons to power on the controller.

    old post

  • You don't have to hold down any button besides start to turn on the controller.
    It will start in the last "mode" it was started in. So if you start it once in switch mode (by holding the 2 buttons), then turn it off, then start again with just the start button, it will be in switch mode.

    (I don't have exact controllers you do but I have the SFC30Pro and so I assume they all work the same)

  • @tsoliman i can safe to say that my NES30 does not do that.

    even if program it in switch mode and power if off. it does not come back on to switch mode. i have to hold power and Y each time.

    my Pro 2 is not with me. so i have to try that one later, but i think it was the same for that one also. even though others have said the same thing as you

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