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One Step Closer To Text, Need More Help

  • Hey folks, still working on this issue I have of adding custom text to my console screens, but I'm a little closer now! The original thread (found here) led someone to show me an example they used for a similar skin when they needed to insert custom text. They even provided a few XML files for me to compare. Problem is, no matter how hard I try to change things around, any time I copy and paste the code over into my skin, it breaks my EmulationStation and it won't boot up. So, I was hoping to provide both sets of codes here, then perhaps someone more knowledgeable can meld the two together in a way that works. Then I can take it form there.

    Using paste-bin, here are the first two XML files that are my source (IE: adding the text I want):

    Source - Main xml
    Source - Theme xml

    And here is where they should end up, but things get broken when I try to insert them:

    Destination - Main xml
    Destination - Theme xml

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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