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Weird sound issue

  • Hi guys. I'm running Retropie 4.5.1 and for some reason I dont get sound through hdmi. I'm getting the error:

    failed to attach to default card and that is stopping me from playing most games.

    What I've tried:

    • Edit Config.txt to ensure that the line "dtparam=audio=on" was present. And it is

    -Edit retroarch.cfg and changed:
    audio_driver =
    audio_device =

    so it is:

    audio_driver = "ALSA"
    audio_device = "sysdefault:CARD=ALSA"

    I've also added the hdmi force lines as well.

    Lastly, I've tried with a completely different sound source (3.5mm jack) which does not work either.

    What can it be ?

  • Global Moderator

    Are you sure it's not just the volume that's really low and you need to turn it up ? The retroarch.cfg lines are not necessary - just make sure HDMI is selected as audio (use the Audio entry in RetroPie to choose it) and use alsamixer to raise up the volume.

  • @mitu See that's also part of the problem.. When I press start and Sound settings, the volume is at 0% and everytime I turn it up, it is not saved, but goes back to 0%.. In Audio settings though, using the aslamixer, its on 58%. I have chosen HDMI with no result whatsoever.

  • Global Moderator

    @RpiBeginner The sound settings in Emulationstation do not affect RetroArch. You probably need to change Audio Device to PCM and you'll have the same sound level as in alsamixer.
    I was referring to the Audio settings entry in the RetroPie system - where you can choose the output (HDMI/Analog/Both).

  • @mitu

    I was also referring to the audio settings in the retropie system.. I was saying that I have looked both places,

    How would it matter if I change the volume in retropie system settings to the same as the alsa mixer? When I just told you it does not save the option? Anyway I did what you suggested and it did not do anything.

  • Okay so I ended up reflashing the sd card and start from scratch, which helped.

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