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Retropie 4.5 - ScummVM 2.0.1

  • When I start the emulator ScummVM "+Start SCUMMVM-SDL1" or "+Start SCUMMVM" I can move the mouse cursor with the USB Controller. But the when I move my joystick right the mouse cursor moves left, same problem for up an down.
    Do anyone know this problem?
    Same problem in the game, e.g Day of the tentacle
    The mirrored axis problem do I also have when I use the controller in the "RETROPIE SETUP". In other emulators an in the emulatonstation it works correctly. I configured the controller in the main menu with "Configure Input" of the emulatonstation and in the retroarch menu.

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    Please add more info about your system, as detailed in What controller/gamepad are you using ?

  • Pi Model or other hardware: 3 B+
    RetroPie Version Used (eg 3.6, 3.8.1, 4.1 - do not write latest): 4.5
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: USB Keyboard on port 2
    Controller used: Two USB Controller "Microntek USB Joystick"on port 0,1 (EG STARTS Arcade Classic DIY Kit)
    Error messages received: No
    Guide used:
    File: /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/scummvm/tentacle.svm (The problem occurs also in the main menu of ScummVM)
    Emulator: ScummVM 2.0.1
    Attachment of config files: scummvm.ini, emulators.cfg, retroarch.cfg
    How to replicate the problem: see first post

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    From the description of your problem, looks to be a joystick wiring problem - you inverted the joystick axis, that's why they register in all interfaces the opposite movements.

  • But the problem occurs only in the ScummVM and in the retropie Setup menu. In all other emulators it's fine.
    My joystick has only one cable which I connect to the USB controller (EG STARTS Arcade Classic DIY Kit)
    So should I remove my joystick from my arcade bartop and rotate it? Is there no other solution?

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    Other emulators (I assume the Libretro (lr-) ones) know about the input mapping you've done in Emulationstation and interpret the joypad movements as you mapped them, other emulators (and the setup script) query the controller directly. You either do the same remapping in each such emulator, or rotate your joystick to the right position.

  • @mkasse How did you solve this in the end?

    I have just built a new Retropie for version 4.5 (due to Rasbpian compatibility) and have the same issue - joystick is fine everywhere except ScummVM.

    The thing is, I never had this problem with the same joystick when I was using it on my older Retropie!

    When I run jstest then it is showing that X axis (horizontal) movement is Axis 1 and Y axis (vertical) movement is Axis 0. Do you get the same?

  • I sorted my issues.

    I had forgotten to put the quirks mode entry in the startup - - and also it looks like I had wired up the controller incorrectly the last time I made changes but things had been working in most lb emulators as pointed out above! This post - - gave me the clues as the X Axis should be Axis 0 in jstest and Axis 1 is Y Axis.

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