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  • Pardon if I'm retreading old territory, as this is my first post and the backlog here is intimidating. I recently got a new 3b+ and built a new RetroPie. I have been using a Zero for my Retropie for the past couple of years, and so far I'm really liking the upgrade. However, after I ported over all my ROM files, none of my save states carried over for any Nintendo system. I can still access saved games (for those games that had them), but loading save states does nothing. This is only true for Nintendo systems (NES/SNES/GB/GBA/GBC). PCEngine, Genesis, Master System, and other systems were able to bring up the old save states from the Zero perfectly well.

    A quick description on how I did the porting would probably be helpful:

    I installed the Retropie 4.5 image with my Windows PC. Then, I plugged it into the 3b+ fired it up, and let it expand the operating system. Once that was done, I shut it down (through menus) and took out the card. Using my Lubuntu laptop, I plugged in the cards for both the new system and the old zero system. I manually dragged over all of my roms into their corresponding folders on the 4.5 card. The .srm and .state files were in the same folders as the roms themselves. I then plugged the 4.5 card back into the 3b+ and fired it up again. All the games I had loaded were there, and, like I said, all the games with save files could load their save. It's only save STATES in Nintendo-based systems that aren't loading.

    This isn't end of the world. All the games that I've tested have run perfectly. It's mainly some old NES puzzle-games that I was deep into, and a couple of SNES RPGs where I was using the states as a backup, since save files could be a little temperamental on my old system.

    Any advice would be appreciated, even if that's just pointing me to a link of a previous, relevant forum post that I overlooked. Do these systems (and these systems only) need to have their .states stored elsewhere? Or is there some setting I need to activate in the config in order to get the system to read these?

    EDIT: I neglected to mention that on the affected systems, I can make new save states. I just can't access the old ones, even though they are in the directory.

  • Are the new save states showing in the same folder as the old ones with a current timestamp?

  • Savestates are really particular to the emulator, the build version of the emulator could have varying levels of differences, I don't know what is involved differently about Zero and 3B+, or 4.5 updates, there could be more, or less.

    What version were you upgrading from?

    Edit: What Mitu said; what I was trying to say.

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    @Anachronator said in Nintendo Save States missing, but save games are fine:

    EDIT: I neglected to mention that on the affected systems, I can make new save states. I just can't access the old ones, even though they are in the directory.

    New versions of emulators can introduce incompatibilities into save states, this is likely the reason your old save states are no longer read with the new image.

  • @mitu This makes sense. Oh well, I'm just glad it's not something I was doing wrong. Thank you!

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