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[SOLVED] Audio issues when changing video preview in emulationstation (crackling/popping)

  • Hello,

    I’m in retropie 4.5.1, and when i change game in the menu of emulationstation, the sound is crackling /popping sometime.

    It can be reproduce, by opening a console and come back to main menu lots of time.

    Anybody got the same issue ?


  • Global Moderator

    Please add more info about your system -

  • Thanks for your quick reply.

    Here is the details :

    Pi Model or other hardware: 3B+
    Power Supply used: official power supply
    RetroPie Version Used : 4.5.1
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: nothing
    Error messages received: nothing
    Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant): nothing relevant
    How to replicate the problem : Go to main menu of Retropie, open a console, then the video preview will appear and the sound will start, back to the menue of retropie. Do that in loop, and you shoud hear some crackling/popping noise.

  • I have a old version of retropie on another sd card, i’ll try to see if it’s the same.

    If it’s working. I’ll maybe try a firmware downgrade to the version just before.

  • Wrong troubleshooting, it was the same before upgrading RetroPie. (But it’s less hearable in version 3.x)

    So it’s not related with the RetroPie upgrade.

    If anybody got a solution.

    It can also clearly heard when switching quickly the video of screensaver.

    I’ve try to modify some audio option in emulation station but it didn’t solved.

  • Hello

    Issue is solved

    It was a problem with my amp.

    We can close the issue.


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