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Mudlet: play retro online text games (MUD, MOO, MUSH, etc.)

  • Hi all!

    This week the Mudlet project has released a version of their game client which can be used on Raspberry Pi.

    If you don't know these games, they are played not by joystick or controller but with keyboard mainly, as they consist mostly of text, like:

    get lamp
    open door
    look at monster
    attack monster
    tell friend I just slayed the beast!

    There are tons of games out there, some dating back 20 or 30 years already, others quite newly released. You can find lists on MudConnect or TopMudSites for example. Most have amazing gameplay and very vivid graphics (your mind).

    Mudlet client adds more features to your gaming experience like automation through triggers, lua scripts and events, as well as simplified entry with aliases. The interface is very quick and lightweight but can be heavily influenced with CSS and special lua commands. There are also quality of life functions like a mapper system available.

    Now I wonder how to best bring the joy of these games to the retro players of this community? What needs to be done to make Mudlet available on RetroPi? I can try find and link more information as you need, but just didn't want to come off all spamming here. Thanks for reading! :)

  • I can see the compilation instructions for Debian Buster on

    After that you should just add an entry on Ports to launch the mudlet command, should be easy to integrate on Retropie.

  • I just remembered that Retropie is doesn't support Buster yet so it would'nt work on Retropie just yet.

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