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Player 2 not working on my arcade setup

  • After getting my entire machine setup with ROMs working and player one working I went to set up player 2 joystick setup which is an identical set up as player one and it doesn't work when I load into games the game mixes up player 1 and player 2 controls I have been searching around and found a joystick selector script by meleu but I didn't even get past the first step because apparently I don't have a script I am beyond lost can someone please help

  • @nvr-wrks-1st-try just swap the two joystick usb ports around

  • Is the pi reading your controls as a keyboard or a gamepad? I haven't experienced the issue, but I've read that 2 players with gamepad mode controls don't work. You need it to read as a keyboard. I hope that helps.

  • @Skinsey when setting them up they have identical products names so I only configured one in gamepadand in input config and they were both automatically configured after I did this they both worked perfectly in the menu but then as soon as we went into a game then the controls wouldn't work properly with the game reading them as one even they have individuals usbs

  • @grant2258 I have tried that and the same thing happens but player 1 is player 2

  • @nvr-wrks-1st-try The reason they both work in the menu is "because" the computer is reading them with the same controls (like W is up on both, S is down on both etc.). only 1 joystick should work in the menu.

    What's your setup? Which CPU? Which joysticks? any encoder for your buttons?

    I have the raspberry pi 3 B+ with all buttons and joysticks wired to an I-PAC2 so this is a problem I haven't dealt with. (I've run into almost every problem getting mine to work) But I'm not using USB joysticks.

  • @Skinsey I have q raspberry pi 3 b+ and I have player 1 as well as the start, select, and hotkey enable to one usb and player 2 to another separate usb port the buttons I am using are the hikig button kit which I got here :

  • @Skinsey and a zero delay 2 pin encoder forgot to add that after searching around a little bit I have seen that many people have had issues with Gamepad to player and was wondering if you know how to convert the game pads into keyboards so that I can register them individually?

  • @nvr-wrks-1st-try I have a bartop with that same setup and it works.

    First thing is you have to make sure you wired both encoders exactly the same (all buttons have to match exactly). I believe the encoder you have the joystick can only be plugged in one way, there was and older version where there were two plugs that the sticks would fit in and caused a lot of problems.

    Second, where the encoders plug in to the PI via usb will set which player they are, I believe on the 3b+ the bottom left usb port will be player1, and the top left usb port will be player2. If you only have one plugged in it doesn't matter which port it's in it will always be player1 but once you plug in another board then it will go in order by the usb ports.

  • @stoney66 I tried setting this up this way and the problem was still the same

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