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1980s-style music player with VFD displays

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    Complete build and main parts can be found here on Imgur:
    Raspberry Pi powered music player

    Somewhat data heavy to view so please don't use roaming service if on mobile.

  • incredibly nice. would love something like this. orange 1970s and blue 1980s stereo gear were both nice in their own ways.

  • I agree this is incredibly gorgeous :O
    Congratulations for such a beautiful creation. I myself used to love these hi-fi systems back in the 80s/90s, so your build brought great memories.

    Do the graphic eq sliders work for real? and the volume sliders?
    Just read your Reddit post about your build, all works for real! :D

    EDIT: you must post a video of it in action and tinkering with the options!

  • @Addison good form, very good form! That is truly stunning. I wish I had a CNC machine even more now.

    I really like the aesthetic of the 70s one too. Something about the knobs I think.

    I'll bet you could even play pong on that.

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