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Plain theme without images?

  • Yes, that!

    I can't believe it was so simple. Thanks a lot!

  • @xwons Another option may be to put just the artwork and videos (a&v) on the new (now smaller, I guess?) local drive / sd card, and just have the roms on the NAS. You'd have to either change all of the a&v paths in the gamelist.xml or mount the local a&v directories onto their empty counterparts in the roms folders.

    If this is a valid option depends on the size of the current local drive. If you want to try it, I'd try to help you in any way I can, since I know something about mounting directories onto directories in Linux.

    If you'd rather prefer the plain theme approach, no problem.

  • Thanks @Clyde . Right now I only have a 16GB sdcard, so I am not sure if all the artwork would even fit in there. I too thought about editing the gamelist.xml files, but I have a bunch of systems, with lots of roms in each, so I thought it would be too much work, at least for a temporary solution.

    I think I'll use the basic mode for now, at least until I buy another hard drive. Thanks though :)

  • @xwons Like I said, it should be also possible to mount local artwork director(y/ies) in the remote roms directory (which is mounted in the local filesystem itself, right?). This would be completely transparent to ES, but use the old paths in the gamelist.

    But that's only how this old Linux tinkerer would try to do it. If the theme works for you, have fun. :)

  • How would you do that exactly? Currently artwork is distributed alongside several folders (boxart, cartart, flyer, marquee, snap, wheel...) inside each system folder.

    Do you mean moving these folders to my SDcard, and then symlink each directory individually from the remote location to the path at the sdcard?

  • @xwons Yes, symlinks would also work. I tend to forget them because I prefer mount --bind (or mound -o bind) to mount directories. See here about that. Both methods have some benefits and downsides, but in your case, those should be negligible.

  • Oh, well, yes symlinks or bind mount. In this case it wouldn't make much of a difference.

    What I mean is, is there an easier way than creating a symlink to each artwork folder (boxart, cartart, snap, marque...), for each system? That is easily more than 60 links.

  • You could write a script that links all or specific directories in one or multiple directories. Here are some pieces of this puzzle:

    Actually, you got me hooked on this problem and I after approx. an hour, I came up with this (I'm not very skilled in scripting, so I had to read and test more than others). Everything after # in a line is a comment.

    for system in /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/*/ ; do
      sysname=$(basename "$system")               # cut the path from the name
      mkdir -p "/home/pi/test/romlinks/$sysname"  # create system dir in target dir
      for artwork in ${system}*/ ; do
        artname=$(basename "$artwork")            # cut the path from the name
        if [[ "$artname" =~ media|images ]]; then # chosen artwork dirs separated by "|"
          ln -s "$artwork" "/home/pi/test/romlinks/${sysname}/"

    This test script will go through /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ and symlink all media and images directories in every system directory to a test directory /home/pi/test/romlinks while maintaining the same directory structure. It should be relatively easy to modify it to copy/move the artwork directories to a local location first, and then create symlinks in their original locations to the new ones. But alas, I don't have more time for this now, so either you do it yourself or I will in the next couple of days.

    **But before you try anything, be sure to make Backups of your data!**

  • Wow.

    For some reason mail notifications ended up in the spam folder and I forgot about this thread for a while.

    Thanks for the script! Now the problem is that my artwork takes up even more room than the roms themselves... u_u'

  • And I didn't get around to make the aforementioned changes for your setup either, because I'm on vacation for a movie festival where I watch 2-3 movies every day over the whole week. :)

    About the artwork's space: Yeah, I figured as much. But none said that retrogaming is a piece of cake (and if they said that, they lied). I'll keep this on my to-do list and look forward for any updates on your side.

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