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Retropie with Raspberry Pi 4 & Xbox one S controller

  • I think I know the answer to this, but I want to double check. I am using a nightly build version of RetroPe on a Pi 4. I have been trying to get my Xbox one S controller to connect via bluetooth. I can get it to show up as an device but cannot get it to connect at all. I have tried to disable ertm and I get an error with that.
    Wondering if anyone has tried and succeed at this on the Pi 4?
    Also wondering if anyone can recommend a bluetooth controller that some has gotten to work on the Pi 4 build.

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    Try installing the xpadneo driver - - and then configure the controller normally via Bluetooth.

  • Good luck figuring out how with retropie 4.5.1. They downgraded the kernel, but they didn't downgrade the kernel headers package to match, causing the ./ script to fail. So, AFAICT, you can't install it on 4.5.1

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    @skinlayers That's not true - I just installed xpadneo on a 4.5.1 system and there's no error. You can see how the downgrade is handled here and all the necessary packages (including the kernel headers) are installed.
    You might be stumbling upon a different issue, but without a log file, it's not obvious what it is.

    But this topic is about the Pi4, which is not supported by the 4.5.1 release, so most of what's said here doesn't apply.

  • @mitu Thanks for the info. Sorry for jumping in. My brain didn't register that this was a RPi4 specific thread. FWIW, Turns out my issue was xpadneo README's instructions for raspbian. Installing the raspberrypi-kernel-headers package on 4.5.1 causes the buster headers to be installed on top of the stretch ones (which are already present on the retropie image).

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