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Updating RetroPie, RetroArch, Cores etc. How to do it correctly?

  • I haven’t updated in about a year. How should I update? I don’t understand the relation between updating Raspbian, RetroPie, RetroArch and cores. I’m a bit queezy about updates as most of my setup works well right now. If an update would wipe settings etc. it would give me a huge headache. I’m currently on Retropie 4.4 (RPi3B+). I haven’t really updated in the past year except a few packages and the setup script. (I have several support requests open already and don’t want to flood the whole board in case I’m doing something fundamentally wrong. What do I need to update and in what sequence? The problem is I’m trying to get started with MAME2003plus but the controls (dpad) don’t seem to work. I read in another thread that it could be somekind of mismatch between RA and core versions etc. Can I install a core from the setup script that isn’t supported by my setup or is that automatically recognized by RetroPie?)

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    Updates will not wipe your settings. Read the updating doc page -
    You can update only certain packages (retroarch) if you are wary of updating all of them at once, but in all cases it's best to first update your RetroPie-Setup script.

  • @m2306 Mame2003plus started to use analog as default for some reason. Change it back to digital in retroarch.

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