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Lightgun support added to PCSX-Rearmed

  • Have just set this up and it appears to be working with a Wiimote and Dolphinbar. But if I put the WiiMote into my gun unit I have, the trigger button and second fire button get reversed. Is there anyway I can swap these buttons?

  • @Croccy22 said in Lightgun support added to PCSX-Rearmed:

    Have just set this up and it appears to be working with a Wiimote and Dolphinbar. But if I put the WiiMote into my gun unit I have, the trigger button and second fire button get reversed. Is there anyway I can swap these buttons?

    Not yet, it's hard-coded to the mouse buttons at the moment, when I finally get around to wiring it up to the "lightgun" api then you can assign it which ever way you like. If you are technical you can fork my repo that was linked above, look through my commits and you should see where I've assigned the action against the mouse. You can swap that around as a short term fix.

  • I realize this is largely off topic, but I was curious, @MrLightgun, if you're aware of any progress/developments on lightgun support for the Sega Master System? I grew up with this system and I've been dying to play Rescue Mission for years! I'm using a Wiimote/Dolphinbar setup and I've never gotten it to work. Do you know of any plans for lightgun support for SMS?

  • Hi

    Yes SMS/Genesis/SegaCD is sorted, just slowly getting various fixes merged in the right sequence.

    Best regards


  • @MrLightgun Fantastic news! Much thanks!

  • @MrLightgun ,

    Sorry for the n00b question but I'm getting frustrated here since I can't get my gun to work. I've set up pcsx-rearmed just like you explained. When I connect my AimTrak Gun to the pi, it tells me something like "Ultimark not configure" ok. Where can I configure it? Tried to configure it in RetroArch but the Trigger isn't recognized...the A and B Buttons are. Also I cannot figure out how to open the menu in pcsx-rearmed to change the Pad Type to guncon...

    Can someone please tell a noob how to get this working?

    thanks in advance

    My RetroArch Version is 1.8.5

  • @MasterGollom I think you have to calibrate the gun before you use it in software.

    I think this was shared in the past, its not my code and no clue if this does the trick for you, but worth a test:

  • @HurricaneFan Thx for the reply, I'll give it a try

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been working and building a collection of emulators that work with Dolphinbar while I await for my Sinden light guns on my Raspberry Pi 4. Anyway, I consider NES and Master System 100% working when using the touch screen setting in RetroArch (lr-fceumm and lr-genesis-gx). MAME 2003 Plus games like Area 51, Space Gun, Egg Adventure, Aliens 3, Jurassic Park work fairly decent.

    So this leaves me with Genesis, SNES, Dreamcast, and PlayStation. I can get Genesis (Mega Drive) and SNES partially working, however, I am unable to get the second trigger button working - this is the literal show stopper for some games. Has anyone figured this out?

    As for Dreamcast, I can get the trigger working, but not the mouse/touch feature to move the crosshair. Any suggestions on how to get this working?

    PSX - for some stupid reason, I cannot get it working at all. I know u/MrLightgun had it working and it should have been implemented by now, but I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

    I appreciate any help. I feel like my research and experimentation is getting ever so closer to my goal.

    I appreciate any advice or pointers on these issues, because it's been awesome being able to relive some of the glory days of gaming.

  • The latest version of PCSX-rearmed adds support for playstation mouse. This makes mouse-based guns work but quite jerky because I assume they use relative, rather than absolute coordinates. On the other hand, setting input to guncon does nothing for lightguns. So I assume the patch was never merged?

  • @janderclander14 @BJRetro

    Hi Guys

    A question for both you guys ... Just curious did you guys happen to get the Dolphen /Wii mote to work on megadrive / Genesis games

    It seems like I have tried everything and haven't gotten it to work

    What setting would I need to put ?

    Really want to play body count with Dolphen /Wii mote support

  • @andykt76

    Hi Andy

    Thank you very much for the help !!!!

    I really appreciate it

    Just curious , I just talked to Mr Light Gun and he is looking for someone who will design crosshairs for the PS1 pcsx Ir-rearmed Emulator , if you know or talk to anyone , hope you can put the word out there

    Hope we can get crosshairs support on PS1 games :)

  • I belive I found someone who is interested in helping out this light gun community

    By willing to make a PS1 Crosshair Graphics output for the pcsx-rearmed

    Not sure what to do now , he needs answers to questions that only mr LightGun could provide answer to , ... I emailed Mr LightGun and and haven't heard back from yet , but one of these days he will get around to messaging me I'm sure , but this is amazing news and potential hope for playing PS1 games with a Crosshair :) .... I'm excited

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