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Dreamcast CDI not playing

  • Good Morning Gamers,

    I am having an issue getting .CDI files to work with ricast. I am using Retropie version 4.5.1 on a raspberry pi 3b+. Anytime I select a dreamcast game I hey sent to a menu with the options of Play (which tells me to insert game disk when selected), memory card (I clear out both shots as instructed), music, and settings. The menu I get sent to its the same as the one when "Start Ricast" is chosen. These are files that I have used before and they have worked. I can get .gdi files to work but most of my files are .CDI files. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  • @SireGo

    I think I had a couple .CDI files that did that. I remember downloading a different version of the same game and some worked and others wouldn't work at all.

    Also you might try converting those .CDI files to .CHD using the MAME CHDMAN program:

    I have converted all mine to CHD and now they take up a lot less space!

  • @backstander Cdi games can have missing cd audio ( I remember guilty gear did that and repeated songs sometimes) and cutscenes are re encoded at a lower quality to fit on a cd. I downloaded the full gdi rips and converted those to chd.

  • @Darksavior

    Cdi games can have missing cd audio

    When I converted I did use GDI files to make my CHD files. That's a good point. I do remember reading something about CDI files being "hacked" in someways so they can be burnt on a discs.

    You probably want to just get the GDI version and maybe convert them to CHD.

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