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Retropie Not Recognizing my SNES30 Pro+ Controllers

  • Raspberry PI 3B
    v4.5.1 (Just updated through the system menu to whatever the current is if not 4.5.1)
    Raspberry Pi Official AC Adapter
    400GB Sandisc Card
    2 SNES30 PRO+ Controllers (USB C)
    1 SNES30 Controller (USB Micro)

    I recently bought two SNES30 PRO+ Controllers because they looked like the perfect retro controller, and by all accounts and reviews, I heard they are.
    (Controller seen here )

    I plugged them in via USB, just like I do my SNES30 controller, and while it system says it recognizes the 2 controllers, I cannot configure them. When I go to set the buttons, I hold down A or any other button and the input is never detected.

    I don't use Blutooth with these devices, and they work fine over USB for PC, so I am curious if the drivers are missing, or did I screw something up?

    (The controller may need an update, that HAS happened before)

  • @Jiryn Does the pair/usable mode have to be selected for usb? I have not tried through USB yet as my Pi is always too far away. I have the SN30 Pro i use over bluetooth (with ghost inputs in ES on a 3B+).

  • @KN4THX
    Might have something to do with the "Modes" the website talks about,
    I've been using the controllers for my Switch, but it seems i have to set it for different game play modes/settings.

    I am guessing Windows mode is what I should use?
    (It has 4 modes, Switch, Android, Windows, and Mac)

    (Off topic, I am horrible at pairing Blutooth equipment with the Pi/Blue Config screen, it detects the controllers but every config fails)

  • @KN4THX Found the problem!
    You have to switch modes while NOT connected via USB.
    The mode cannot be switched while plugged in!

  • @Jiryn For the Pi it is the Switch Mode. Start + Y. I tried using a different mode today to improve the ghost input situation but then some buttons are not detected. I know on my debian laptop I have to use another mode which is strange because they are both linux. Again, all of my experience is with bluetooth. I have been curious to see if the mode matters in USB.

  • @Jiryn Glad you got it figured out and even beat my slow typing :) I wasn't sure about that but now I know!

  • @KN4THX
    I got both Android and Microsoft mode detected when wired.
    Android detects as a PS Controller
    Microsoft as a 360 controller
    it does NOT like Switch Mode

    Odd question, my Retropie's sound for PS1 games are really, really low and not sure why.

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