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To Set: One physical button press (up) inputs two simultaneous in-game button presses (up+right)

  • I'll just get to my exact use case here. I hate having to hit diagonals all the time to play Landstalkers. I'd rather bind diagonal presses to just the regular straight d-pad directions. So for instance, I want to be able to press up on my controller, but have it input up+right in the game, and likewise left = left+up, down = down+left, right = right+down.

    I remember being to do these kinds of keybindings (and much more complicated ones, in fact) in zsnes a decade ago, but as far as I can tell in the menu there isn't a way to do it in libretro. Am I missing it, or are their any scripts anyone knows of that I can use to get this kind of feature?

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