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Is it possible to call an RetroPie-Setup scriptmodule from command line?

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    sudo ./ runcommand install would install runcommand.

    run sudo ./ on it's own for a list of modules / functions. Some functions may show up but may require parameters etc.

  • @BuZz
    Really cool!

    Worked like a charm here. But I noted that it overwrote my tweaked with no backups.

    No problems here. I just need to warn the user about it.

    BTW: Some guys are making cool stuff with tweaked runcommands (example: And that runcommand-on{start|end} can avoid the need of tweaking runcommand directly.

    Thanks a lot!

  • @BuZz
    I tried sudo ./ runcommand install to get your recent changes to runcommand but it didn't work as expected. Then I updated RetroPie-Setup script and tried to update runcommand from command line again. This time it worked perfectly. Probably it's a git thing...

    Maybe it's better to update retropie-setup script before update runcommand from command line.

    Looking to the output sudo ./, I inferred that the command to update retropie-setup is sudo ./ setup updatescript. I tried and it worked!

    [No questions this time. Only posting this trick for future reference.]

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    if you didn't update retropie-setup then you don't have the latest changes - so runcommand will re-install the current version.

    That will update the script, but it's not the same as doing the update through the gui. You would also need to call post_update. I would recommend using the gui unless you are ok with debugging problems yourself etc.

  • @MikeDave
    Can you please post your Backup/Restore Solution.

    Maybe I can create a entry that saves
    "wpa_suppliment.conf", "retroarch.cfg" and the BT-settings for each controller.
    It will be backuped to FAT32 partition and can be restored to RetroPie-system.
    It's always a bit of work to flash a new image to system and then to enable wifi-connect, restore joypad-settings and perform some scripts (link to rom folder, restore BIOS files, enable root....)

  • @BuZz
    [Reposting what I posted here a few weeks ago, but maybe you aren't following that thread anymore. The subject fits in this thread too.]

    It would be a nice feature if we could access that configedit "Choose a player to adjust" dialog for a specific system directly as a runcommand menu option, to let the user choose joypads right before launching a game.

    I was thinking in something similar with an -onstart script but I think that a runcommand menu option would be more concise and elegant. Then I was trying to find a way to invoke that configedit dialog directly for a specific system retroarch.cfg, but stumbled on the iniFileEditor complexity.

    Is there a way to call that dialog directly?

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    @meleu not without some code refactoring.

  • @BuZz I was about to ask if you would accept a PR with a scriptmodule to do the very same task as the _joypad_index_configedit does, with the only reason to make it able to be called by runcommand. But then I realized that, considering that the next release of RetroPie will have an updated RetroArch, the users will be able to change the controllers on-the-fly with RGUI (following the steps I detailed here)

  • I have related problem, adding this system:

    <extension>.rp .sh</extension>
    <command>sudo /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/ retropiemenu launch %ROM% </dev/tty >/dev/tty</command>

    on es_systems.cfg is crashing emulationstation.

    Permission problems?

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    @chapas It's not related - please open a new topic (even if you have the same problem, it's not helpful to post to the end of an old topic)


    Please do not post a support request without first reading and following the advice in

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