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Controller Help Needed

  • Just got my Raspberry Pi 3+ and a preloaded flash drive from amazon. At first I used a keyboard for controls and after programming it would let me navigate the menu system but once i loaded a game it was completely unresponsive. I bought a USB Xbox controller that works on my computer but is completely unresponsive in the retropie. it will recognize that there is a controller is plugged in but will not even give me the powered light on the controller.

    Im assuming there is something i need to change or program within the pie config menu but i am new to Raspberry pi and emulators so any help would be appreciated.

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    Did you configure your controller in Emulationstation ? Does it work in games ?
    Please more info about your system, as detailed in

  • @XionXero said in Controller Help Needed:

    Just got my Raspberry Pi 3+ and a preloaded flash drive from amazon.

    So, you don't use the official Retropie image? Third party images are not supported here, because they may differ from the official one and thus, may have problems which the official doesn't. If you haven't installed the official image, you should do so. (But don't forget to backup any data that you don't want to lose before that!)

    Furthermore, if you bought Retropie, it's illegal and you were cheated by the seller, because the Retropie license forbids selling of any kind.

    Sorry to put it that bluntly, but it is like it is. If you're already using the official image, just ignore this post. 😌

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