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[RELEASE| Neo Geo AES Classic Theme

  • OK guys, here it is. The first release of the Neo Geo AES Classic theme for Emulationstation. I'm sure there are some coding mistakes, etc. so please report your issues below. This this only works with the dev brach of emulation station. Install that before the theme.
    Download here:
    4K version here (windows only):

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • To install run this command:

    sudo mkdir -p "/etc/emulationstation/themes/Neo Geo Classic/" && sudo git clone "/etc/emulationstation/themes/Neo Geo Classic/" --branch master --depth=1

    To use this theme you must install the emulationstation-dev branch.
    This theme uses the grid view exclusively (for now).

    • To install the dev branch -

    Settings > Retropie setup > Manage Packages > Manage Experamental Packages

    Scroll down and install Emulationstation-Dev from source. Once the application has compiled you will need to reboot your system, and you should now be running the correct version. You can verify by pressing start on your controller and checking the version # that displays at the bottom of the screen.

    Next change the view type to Grid, then select Neo Geo Classic theme.

    • Systems currently supported -

    Atari 2600
    Atari 5200
    Atari 7800
    Atari Lynx
    Atari Jaguar
    Bandai Wonderswan
    Bandai Wonderswan Color
    Commodore Amiga
    Commodore CD32
    Commodore 64
    Commodore Plus4
    Commodore Vic/20
    Fairchild Channel F
    FM Towns Marty
    Mattel Intellivision
    Microsoft MSX
    Microsoft MSX2
    Microsoft MS-DOS
    Microsoft Xbox
    Microsoft Xbox 360
    NEC PC Engine
    NEC PC Engine CD
    NEC SuperGrafx
    NEC Turbografx 16
    NEC Turbografx CD
    NEC PC-98
    Nintendo NES
    Nintendo Famicom
    Nintendo Famicom Disk System
    Nintendo Gameboy
    Nintendo Gameboy Color
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    Nintendo DS
    Nintendo 3DS
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Nintendo SNES
    Nintendo SNES MSU-1 (SNES CD)
    Nintendo Super Famicom
    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo Wii
    Nintendo Virtual Boy
    Sega SG1000
    Sega Master Sytem
    Sega Mark III
    Sega Genesis
    Sega Megadrive
    Sega 32X
    Sega CD
    Sega Saturn
    Sega Dreamcast
    Sega Gamegear
    Sharp X68000
    SNK Neo Geo
    SNK Neo Geo Pocket
    SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
    SNK Neo Geo CD
    Sony PlayStation 1
    Sony PlayStation 2
    Sony PlayStation 3
    Sony PlayStation Portable
    ZX Spectrum

    -Custom collections
    Capcom arcade classics
    Konami arcade classics
    SNK arcade classics
    Gameboy Hacks
    Gameboy Advance Hacks
    Gamegear Hacks
    Genesis Hacks
    Super Nintendo Hacks

    If assets don't load for your system check the folder name of your system and verify if matches the theme.

    • To make additions / edits -

    There are 3 locations you will need to add your content.

    ./art/logos/"system name".png
    ./art/console/"system name".png

    and in the root of the theme you will also need a folder with your system name with the following files:

    ./System Name

    For example if you wanted to add Atari800 you will need the following:


  • That's a very sleak design. It catches the look of the original console very nicely. 👍

    Alas, I'll have to wait until the grid view makes its way to the final ES, since I won't install the dev version just for a theme (no criticism, just a sigh of regret in text form).

  • Global Moderator

    @Clyde The grid view is part of the stable ES release since February.

  • Global Moderator

    @Arcanthur The Grid View is part of the stable EmulationStation package in RetroPie since this February, so there's no need to install the -dev package.

    Also, there's no need to use sudo for installation - EmulationStation can read themes from both the system folder (/etc/emulationstation/themes) and the user's folder in $HOME/.emulationstation/themes.

  • @mitu thanks,I had no idea grid view was a part of the stable release yet. I'll update my readme for that and the install command.

  • Hi guys, you need to make note that the grid view on the stable branch works differently to the grid view on the es-dev package.

    I would personally work with the grid view on the latest es-dev as it has better and much easier theme settings and wait for it to be merged.

    Please see here -

  • @Arcanthur Nice theme! Do you plan to do a version for 4:3 displays? Would be great to use it in Picade.

  • @svera said in [RELEASE| Neo Geo AES Classic Theme:

    Nice theme!

    Nice Theme, but sadly doesn't work well in the last version of Retropie.

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