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custom_viewport not working

  • Hello,

    I try to adapt a bezel pack for recalbox to retropie, and I have a problem with custom_viewport. It is not working.
    Here an example :

    #include "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/overlays/fba_libretro/common_arcade_h.cfg"
    input_overlay = /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/overlays/fba_libretro/inthunt.cfg
    custom_viewport_width = "550"
    custom_viewport_height = "459"
    custom_viewport_x = "351"
    custom_viewport_y = "125"
    video_message_pos_x = "0.280314960629921"
    video_message_pos_y = "0.245833333333333"


    #include "/recalbox/share/overlays/fba_libretro/common_arcade.cfg"
    video_shader = "/recalbox/share_init/shaders/crt-pi.glslp"


    # output resolution
    video_fullscreen_x = 1280  
    video_fullscreen_y = 720
    # aspect ratio
    aspect_ratio_index = 23
    video_force_aspect = true
    video_scale_integer = false
    video_smooth = false
    video_font_size = "14.000000"
    video_message_color = "ffff00"
    # common overlay parameters
    input_overlay_hide_in_menu = "false"
    input_overlay_enable = true
    input_overlay_opacity = 1.000000
    input_overlay_scale = 1.000000
    # shader
    video_shader_enable = true

    It was working on recalbox with Retroarch 1.7.3 (strangely as aspect_ratio_index was already 23)

    Do you think the cause can be the lack of quotes on numeric values?

  • Finally I removed everything and reinstalled retroarch and I will take a pack made for retropie, much simpler

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