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MEGAPi case vs Mega Drive mini

  • I have a MEGAPi case and I was wondering if the size is (near) identical to the Mega Drive Mini. Could anyone please post comparison pictures?

    The reason I'm asking is the decorative Mega CD compartment and if it would be appropriate for the Retroflag option (with a bit of cutting and filing if necessary).

  • My understanding from watching various YT reviews of the Mega Drive Mini is that the Mega Pi is slightly smaller but more substantial feeling, so I imagine that would put the kibosh on the "Tower of Power" thing sadly. That said, I noticed that Retroflag recently brought out a nice addition to the SNES version which adds a (purely cosmetic) cartridge to it. I wonder if they're eyeing up the Tower of Power and considering it as a potential future product addition to their Mega Pi? Would be nice if so.

    God I love my Mega Pi. I give it a wee cuddle every day you know. It's nothing weird.


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