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connect PS3 controller via usb - cable help!

  • I would like to use my official PS3 controller with my Pi, via USB rather than wireless because for some odd reason I always associate playing console games with having the controller physically connected, I am that old!

    Anyway, I am aware that the controller will try to charge itself over the USB connection too so that is clearly not something I want as it would cause under voltage issues on the Pi so I need some way of connecting the PS3 controller to both the Pi and a separate USB power source at the same time so that it will not draw from the Pi.

    I have various external HDs connected to computers via a cable that had a usb 3.0 connector and also a 'power' USB2.0 connector at one end, to give double the power supply to the HDD, and these terminate in a flat HD connector at the other end.

    I want something that has the same at the two-connector end, so the 3.0 connector goes into the Pi and the other goes to an external powered usb hub, and the end that goes to the PS3 controller has a standard female USB end - hope this all makes sense!

    My problem is that I cannot work out what to search for on eBay or google that will get me what I want, I just keep coming up with small splitters or hd leads etc, so if anyone can work out what the hell I am going on about and know what such a cable would be called I would be most grateful!

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    I think that you should go ahead and test how the PS3 will work connected via USB - charging or not - before trying to find some other solutions. If it's the only device charging from the PI, I that will be fine.

  • If you have some technical skills you could open up the PS3 controller and unplug the battery connector to take out the battery and then test it to see if it works or not with just the USB cable.

    Can't say if this works or not since i have not tried it out myself. I have only opened up my PS3 controllers to clean them.

  • @tpo1990 that's not a bad idea - the controller is on its way to me and I do like to mess (and usually break stuff) so will give that a try!

  • Why don't you buy some dualshock 2 usb controllers and use them? Its going to be easier

  • @chubsta If you haven't taken a PS3 controller or any Dualshock controller apart, then be cautious about it since putting the controller back together might be difficult and you could risk breaking some of the plastic screw holders.

    Early this year I did buy an used original PS3 controller for 2,98 USD / 2,68 EUR from a local flea market and i wanted to take it apart for a heavy clean. Unfortunately in the process i manged to break a little part of the screw holder in the right corner.

    As @chicuelo suggest you could also just buy a generic thirdparty dualshock 2 usb controller or you can do what i did and try to get hold of an original dualshock controller and then use an PS2 to USB adapter. It all comes to personal preference and budget.

    For me. I like to use the original hardware with my RetroPie setup so i get the most authentic experience.

  • @tpo1990 said in connect PS3 controller via usb - cable help!:

    For me. I like to use the original hardware with my RetroPie setup so i get the most authentic experience.

    Yeah, I am the same, it is all part of the nostalgia

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