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  • On Linux Xubuntu in Retropie they still have that old yellow font displaying the retroachievements. no fancy border around it or even a small window displaying your achievement.
    I dont know how it all looks like now on the RaspberryPi with RetroPie on it, because i have it installed now on a desktop Pc ontop of Xubuntu 18.04LTS with autostart and some mods.
    The RetroAchievements feature is a great piece of work, and i just started using it.
    I just dont get it how it comes no one has changed the layout of reached achievements or putting them into a window or someform of fancy display..
    I know everyone has a lot to do, and i am very grateful for all work being done on retropie,but it looks really beta.

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    RetroArchievements are part of the RetroArch feature set, so it's not handled by the RetroPie project at all - like most of the emulators included. The newer versions of RetroArch (for 1.7.7 up I think) have a re-designed menu widget system which spruces up the RetroArchievements pop-ups, but that version of RetroArch is not yet present in RetroPie.

  • And PlayStation retroachievement support as well on 1.7.7+

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