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Raspberry Pi 11 question

  • Here's one for fun.

    I was wondering how many years it would take from now for a future Raspberry Pi (or similar ~$35 device) to reach the horsepower of a modern gaming PC.

    I assume that the Raspberry Pi 4 is about as powerful as a high-end desktop from around 2003? So does computing power grow in a linear way that we'd have to wait until 2035?

    I'd like your thoughts on this based upon Murphy's law or any other assumption. As for the title, it's obviously clickbait :P

  • I think you're expecting too much from the Pi4.

  • @matchaman

    So does computing power grow in a linear way that we'd have to wait until 2035?

    Probably by then AI will have taught itself how to code efficiently and could program a Windows 10 emulator for the Raspberry Pi 12 or 13 that could handle it with frame skipping on.

  • @IanDaemon said in Raspberry Pi 11 question:

    I think you're expecting too much from the Pi4.

    So you're assuming that it's less powerful than a 2003 desktop?

  • @matchaman at least not as powerfull as a HIGH-END-Desktop as you mentioned in your first post ;)
    An ordinary desktop: yes, maybe ;)

  • I believe that a Pentium 4 with HT and a Radeon 9600 would be the absolute minimum to run 1080p smoothly like the Pi 4 on Raspbian, that's why I compared it to such a (pretty much killer) 2003 PC.

    I would totally like to see flop values but there's also other stuff to consider, such as GLES 3.0 and other benefits that make modern tasks easier to perform.

    I really wonder how a Doom 3 port would perform on the Pi 4, this would be a better indicator for a comparison to a 2003 PC.

  • @sirhenrythe5th From

    "If your computing needs are roughly on par with PC processing speeds from around 2012, the Pi 4 Desktop Kit might be capable of replacing your desktop. The year 2012 is not an arbitrary number, either: It's roughly analogous to the benchmark results I got while testing the Pi 4 and checked the results against other PCs using Open Benchmark. The closest x86 match ends up being Intel Core chips from around 2012."

    So its as powerful as a typical desktop from 2012. Which means its not a stretch to think its as powerful (or more) than a gaming computer from 2003.

  • @quicksilver: thx for this quote.
    Well, if this is true i am even more excited how this little piece of hardware will perform.
    The last Desktop-PC i owned was an AMD AthlonFX-55 in 2006.
    That PC was capable to run all Arcade-Games (my main interest) that were supported at that time.
    If the Pi4 really is even comparable with a PC six years later it should run current MAME with 60FPS.
    Wow, that would be great indeed!

  • @VictimRLSH I remember that commercial!

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