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Looking for @cyperghost help!

  • Anybody seen @cyperghost lately? I'm in need of his coding mastery. I got a new system I'm working on, using an Odroid N2. The build is pretty solid already. I'm looking to add a safe shutdown and reset button to it, and I'm not sure where to start. I helped about 2 years build a new safe shutdown script for Mausberry and PowerBlock circuits. These new boards from Odroid don't seem to need them. The Xu4 and N2 have a built in "switch" function. Using their wiki, I was able to get a switch added to my N2, but it just cuts power. It doesn't do the safe shutdown scripts first. I just need some help tweaking.

    The wiki page with the "current" script is here:

    Essentially, it's adding a couple lines to the boot.ini file so that it loads instructions to power off if the connection between pin#11 and a ground point is established. It also prompts the device to power on if that connection is made. So my theory is that rather than have it execute the power off, can it instead launch a script (the safe shutdown bits) and then power off? If that's true, would power on using the same wires still work?

    I'm still very new to all this, but I can read through a script and make sense of the process. I just don't have the technical knowledge to write stuff on my own. So yeah, if @cyperghost is around and happens to see this, can you drop me a message? I guess the Retropie forum doesn't have a direct message capability. But I'm in the RetroArena (odroid retropie fork) Discord channel, and you can PM me there.

  • @hansolo77 I'm still alive. But I can't help you ... I don't know this kind of SBC nor do I know the software of ORA.
    I'm more familiar with BATOCERA but I don't know for sure if the boot settings work there :( So sorry without knowing the software and the board it's very unlikely that I can help you. All in all I'm not very convinced about the ODROID stuff :)
    On paper these platforms sounds excellent but my experience with the XU4 was bad. But I was able to use the second button the N64-look-like-case for this board provided to reset emulators. But the shutdown button also never worked for a proper exit of ES.

    You can use annother button and add a script to detect button presses to terminate ES but I'm not sure if this "workaround" would cut power.

    So my outcome is: If you want a potent emulation platform then use full grown x86 CPUs. For a nice (and cheap) gaming experience stay to Raspberry ;)

    Hope you are being well ;)

  • ^_^

    Thanks anyway pal. Glad you're still alive! I knew you had done some work with the XU4 and the N64 case. That's why I was hoping you might be able help. It's cool though.

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