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Should lr-mame2003plus be able to use RetroPad controls?

  • I keep trying to fire up lr-mame2003plus and none of my controls will work. I've noticed that lr-mame2003 will have RetroPad as the controller type on player 1 and player 2, but 2003Plus doesn't have it this way. As a result, the only buttons on my control that actually function are start and select. None of the buttons or joysticks get properly assigned. Since this is an LR- core, I would expect that it should be using RetroPad as an option. (None of the other available options seem to work for my controls either). lr-mame2003 supports my controller instantly.

    Important info:
    Rpi3b w/official power supply at 2.5A
    RPi 4.5.1
    Controller: Pandora's Box 5 (Dual 8-button setups) The system properly recognizes it as 2 controllers.
    Keyboard and mouse also attached (removing them doesn't change anything)

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    Try opening the core's options and change the controls mapping from analog to digital. Using the keyboard you can open the RGUI RetroArch menu (F1) and change in the Options menu. I think the X key works as the A button (select/toggle) and Z as the B button (back) if you're using the keyboard.

  • I can get to the core options using select&start anyway. (Those two are the only buttons that function) I couldn't find the option at first (because one would think that would be in the Controls menu...) but I found it and it now lets the joysticks work, at least. I have to check the buttons on a different game (because pacman has no buttons). I'll set it at the Core level once I test it out. So far, so good.

    EDIT: I think it's working properly at this point. Thanks!

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