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Ultimarc trackball

  • I have plugged in with the USB connector and the Pi will not acknowledge. Do I need to program before? Everything I read it should at least detect as a mouse but I just have my 2 controller setup which is already working The green light is on the UBS adaptor so I figure it’s working. Any ideas? Everyone talks about how easy it is to setup but I have to found any setup that was. Anyway, it it won’t recognize the track ball I can’t go any further anyway. Any help appreciated.

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    What emulator are you trying to use and what game are you trying to start ? There's a fairly detailed setup guide at,-Trackballs,-Lightguns,-and-other-Mouse-Devices/, including instructions on how to test that your trackball is detected and how to configure it in emulators.

  • Musing RetroPie 3b+, it’s not the emulator as I cannot get that far. I have plugged device into the Pi and it doesn’t recognize, I also tried plugging in a mouse and it would not recognize in the configure screen. My though is something is blocking it from adding another controller. I did plug my keyboard in and it works to work through screens.

  • All the test revolve around going into the data and typing in but I have been unable to find a post that shows how to get there. I have seen variations of you must type this in notes to it should work fine once it detects the trackball as a mouse. The Retropie is new to me even though I have reasonable computer skills. The link you gave me in my eyes was absolutely useless. I was hoping for a video somewhere but if I cannot detect the trackball as even a mouse I don’t where to go next.

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    @rob-w said in Ultimarc trackball:

    My though is something is blocking it from adding another controller. I did plug my keyboard in and it works to work through screens.

    To operate RetroPie you'll need a keyboard or a game controller, you can't use RetroPie just with a mouse. The trackball would be used only with a game that supports a trackball/mouse.

  • Got it to work, now I just need to adjust the power level playing golden tee and I will be set. I don’t know if there is a listing here that you can help with but it would be awesome. The 100 yard hits will get old :)

  • Mi got everything working and games word smoothly. Question, trackball is inverted, do you know how to correct? When I take strokes they have very little power, is this a mouse sensitivity adjustment? Where do I find this?

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