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Adding Quake 3 to ports causes emulationstation problems

  • I recently installed quake 3 port onto my raspberrypi 3bplus from the retropi setup (manage packages). I’ve tried it twice, both times Quake 3 worked great, but I lost the game list videos and format in emulationstation, and most of the games (SNES, etc) wouldn’t play afterward. I have Retropie on a 256gb as card image, but it may be too full??

    I have a ton of memory used up by ROMs that don’t play well, if I delete them with Sudo nano, will the SD card disc image have more useable space??

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    @rseod Exit Emulationstation (either press F4 on the keyboard or use the menu to exit) and look at the message shown on the screen - it should show how much disc space you have available (%). If your free disc space is less than 5%, then you might have a problem and you need to free up some space.

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