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CRT Overscan with RPi3 component connection

  • I am not using the Pi's composite out to connect to my CRT, but an HDMI-to-Component converter I purchased. The conversion works thanks to a config I got from another forum, but I find I am getting overscan on both the RetroePi UI and my games.

    Here's what I have in my config file, which I pulled from this thread on said forum regarding HDMI-to-Component converters.


    I have tried to fix this by tweaking the overscan settings, but they only seem to affect how the Pi displays in during boot (the four raspberries on the screen) and don't change the UI overscan at all. This is supposed to be a low-res friendly theme (Gbz35 Dark) so I don't think that's the issue, but I have tried other themes and they've all got overscan issues.

    Changing settings on the TV itself (rather than the pi config file) can improve the situation somewhat, but somehow I can only shrink the image vertically to fit and not horizontally (I think the setting for h.size is already set at 0 and can't go negative). I'm pretty sure TV settings would be different for the UI vs games anyways so that's likely not the way to fix this.

    I am stumped on anything else I can do right now, and would appreciate suggestions.

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    Try adding overscan_scale in addition to other overscan parameters you may have set.


  • @mitu @Dezmancer

    I think @Sakitoshi solved this by editing for his Custom configs for CRT using the built-in composite out

    Look here at the github page.

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    @Rion That would solve the overscan issue for Emulationstation, but what about the emulators ?

  • @mitu

    Here you have to fiddle around with custom settings in Retroarch.

    @Sakitoshi uses shaders to fix uneven pixels and shimmering.

    Here's a few threads i could find on the topic.

    Best way to output SCART (RGB) from Pi 3?

    Retropie 240p 15 KHz RGB SCART TV Guide

  • Interesting. I haven't heard about this new solution for RPi yet. I use Pi2SCART with Euro TVs but when I'm in Asia this could come handy for NTSC component sets. Is there no lag introduced by these converters though?

    You can also try setting "disable overscan=1". We use it for RGB hats, it probably won't work if it's set to "0" in OP on shmups, but you never know.

  • @youxia

    Have a look here and here

    I myself am using a no lag hdmi to vga that was recommended by Bob over at retrorgb.

  • @mitu as Rion says. retroarch can handle that part via custom configs.
    and since op is using hdmi out he can (probably, it depends on the converter) output a very similar signal as original hardware to make trimming overscan and shaders unnecessary. remember that consoles use overscan since is something that couldn't be avoided at the time, so making the emulators display the overscan area is a better option when posible (not all retroarch cores support this) and will naturally center the image.

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