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mupen64plus load state still crashing 100%

  • Re: mupen64plus load state crashing

    State saves and everything else working.

    Anyone have any updates or fixes on this?

    My logs are telling me a absolutely nothing.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @shadowsnake what version of retropie are you using? When was the last time you updated mupen64plus? This is not a issue if everything is up to date. Please provide more info about your setup.

  • RetroPie version 3.5.4, I have updated mupen64plus in the past week using RetroPie setup

  • I found a solution. After launching a N64 rom I hit any button to go to the menu and switched the n64 emulator from mupen64plus-auto to lr-mupen64plus. Now it is working flawlessly. I wouldn't have found this without your reply. Thanks

  • @shadowsnake that's not so much a solution as a work around. Lr-mupen64plus offers less performance and lower game comparability. To fix the load state issue navigate to: /opt/retropie/configs/all/autoconf.cfg and make sure that mupen64plus_audio = "0"

    You should also seriously consider starting with a fresh and up to date retropie image. Yours is very out of date and there have been significant N64 improvements since then.

  • @quicksilver

    I experienced the same crash upon load-state, and editing autoconf.cfg (as you noted) has fixed the issue... But doing so has ruined the sound quality :(

    I'm running Retropie [4.5.12] on my 3b.

  • @DRU1D does the sound crackle now? Might be best to open a new thread.

  • @quicksilver yeah you might be right. I actually ended up tweaking the audio buffer size and increasing volume in the emulator, both in the mupen config. It's passable (on games that actually run in the first place)

  • @DRU1D - I would try lr-mupen64plus-next and lr-parallel-n64. These are listed under optional and experimental packages. Some games seem to work better on these for me (where they won't load at all in other emulators) with respect to the sound. I've also been playing with the audio resampling settings, as some games (like Rogue Squadron) crackle a bit no matter what emulator & settings I use it seems. So I might also open another thread for that.

  • The audio crackling is caused by the audio resample method in the mupen64plus.cfg. This issue was fixed a while ago but looks like it is broken in latest Dev builds of retropie. There is a pull request that should fix this issue it just hasn't been merged yet.

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