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Two gamepads: control scheme not working

  • Hello everyone,

    I have two gamepads (F360 Logitech and SNES N30). I configured the NES30 first and then the F360. With the 'Joystick selector' plugin I changed the player number so that 1:F360 and 2:N30.
    For some reason not all buttons work on the F360 (Start, Select, Left shoulder, right shoulder), but only correspond when I press it on the N30.

    Even after unplugging the N30 and restarting (hard reset) the above mention buttons are not working. After that I also reconfigured the controls with only the F360 present. Still not working.

    Is the first gamepad registered always the master? How can I change the priority? Are the buttons not equal on every gamepad? Especially crucial ones like START and SELECT?

  • Global Moderator

    Can you add more details about your system and setup, as detailed in ?

    The order of configuration in Emulationstation doesn't matter for controllers, the same configuration is created for a controller as long as you choose the same mapping.

    Are the buttons for the F360 working in Emulationstation ?

  • In emulationstation everything works normal. So far I tested it with NES, SNES, N64, PSX and AMIGA emulator. The start, select and shoulder buttons only work on the NES30. All other buttons work on both

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