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  • Hello,

    Earlier today I picked up a 2.8 inch tft display for my raspberry pi 3b+. I have been trying to get it to work all day, however have been unsuccessful. I have searched these and many other forums for answers however I have not been able to find a fix. The issue is that, my screen is constantly white with small flickers. My retropie runs fine and when connected through hdmi is able to work normally. If anyone has a fix for this, support is appreciated and if need be I can provide more info about my setup and photos of the display not working.


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    Can you please provide more info about your setup - as detailed in ?
    What model/type of display do you have ? What did you try to make it work ?

  • The display I have is a "TFT28inch Touch shield for RPI" and includes the code "XC9022" I have tried the most recent version of retropie and version 3.8.1 with this screen. On each I have tried the setup given to me when purchasing the product
    However, this did not work. I have also tried the many different installation guides for the Pigurl 2 and those to do not work.

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    The scripts provided in the instructions do a mix of installing an xorg touch evdev package and modifying the Xorg config, the boot line and the PI's bootloader config. RetroPie doesn't work with Xorg on the Pi and if this is the only way to make the screen (and/or the touch) work, then it's not usable for a RetroPie based system.

    Btw, the install scripts from that Github repository are horrendous and their project is full of issues like yours - white screen after installation, display not working after upgrades, etc - with little or no support from the vendor.

    I'd return it and find a more reputable source for a display.

  • Thankyou for the help, I hope I will be able to return it as the people blatantly lied to me saying they had tried it and it had worked well on retropie.

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