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Major Noob here. I need some help.

  • I can hold my own when it comes to computers. But I am very inexperienced when it comes to RaspberryPi. I using my RBP3B+ from my 3d printer and installed retropie. I have it installed in a case. Controllers are hooked up. I have ROMs and ISO's installed. The only thing I am having a little trouble figuring out what to do is how do I change disks in a multi disk game. (mainly PSX) this is going to be a present for my mom. (She has been wanting something to play games on that is simple to use.) I will be mailing it to her for Christmas so I would love to have some instructions for her.. Any help would be appreciated.

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    See the docs for how to easily switch discs in RetroArch based emulators (including lr-pcsx-rearmed, the default PS1 emulator)

  • @tb-1599 Welcome to Retropie and to this forum.

    One little advice: Please be more specific about your problem in the title of your posts, it helps people who browse the new posts to determine if they can help you.

    I wish you success in your project. 🎄

  • @Clyde thanks for the advice. Is there a way I can edit it?

  • @tb-1599 There is, just click on the three vertical dots at the right of your first post and choose "edit". Thanks for following the advice! 👍

  • @tb-1599 lr-pcsx-rearmed supports PBP files which essentially smush multi-disc games into a single file.

    ETA Prime made a great video that does a great job of explaining how it all works.

    I would be more than happy to help you put together your gift. it's really thoughtful of you and cool that your mom would dig something like that. feel free to drop me an email. I have many resources that can help you.

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