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Same SD card image for Model 3 and 3B Plus?

  • Hi

    I have a non techincal friend who I built an arcade machine for a while ago using a older Pi 3 but something software related has happened and his controls are now all messed up and it's too much for him to try and fix the issue himself with the help of Youtube and forums.

    So I had the idea of replicating his controller setup locally using a 3b plus (the only Pi I have) and setting up all the games, controllers etc so everything is working perfectly and then posting him the sd card for him to swap out.

    However I know there is plenty of images that can be for either or the 3 and 3b plus but if I use a 3b plus to set / map the controllers will the image work on his older model 3 Pi?

    Any widsom on the subject would be greatly appericiated as desperately trying to avoid a 8 hour road trip.



  • Global Moderator

    Yes, it should work. However, make sure that you're using exactly the same controller (vendor/model), otherwise the controller setup will not work on your friend's system.

  • @mitu Cool! Thanks a million for that I appericiate it. Yeah the wonder of Chineseum arcade controller sets from Amazon... every time the keyboard encoders are ever so slightly different with some showing as something like Micronek (Microtek) and some as Dragon something.

    Thanks again

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