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GameCube / Dolphin On RetroPi (not rasberryPi but PC)

  • Sooo.. Hi Guys,
    some time ago i asked about a PC powerful enough to run GameCube Games. This really helpful guy ( @tpo1990 ) told me i would need at least a Intel HD 630 integrated graphicscard. But now i got a old office pc from my work place with these Specs:
    i7 4770 - 4x3,4Ghz
    16GB DDR3
    GTX 560ti wich is just a little bit better than the 630 (link)

    now i am stuck on installing the dolphin emulater on Retro Pi, is there a tutorial?
    It obviously somewhat somehow supported since this exists. But cant find a way to install it.

    Manage Packages -> Install optional Packages -> ....
    Inside this menu there is no dolphin option to install :(

    Any help?

  • Global Moderator

    @glsck said in GameCube / Dolphin On RetroPi (not rasberryPi but PC):

    Manage Packages -> Install optional Packages -> ....

    The GameCube emulator (dolphin) should be in the experimental section of the packages, not optional. See if you find it there.

  • i feel stupid, thanks alot

    EDIT: wow performance is absolute garbage, how can this be, i looked in some forums, and everybody is like "oh you need dual core" dude i have a quad core 3.4 Ghz i7? Is it the settings or is it ubuntu itself?

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