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Having issues launching Dolphin and PCSX2 on EmulationStation

  • I have encountered one other problem with EmulationStation for Windows 10. I have placed my roms in a microSD card in D:\ RetroArch\roms\ps2 and the emulator files in D:\RetroArch\PCSX2. The same was done for my Gamecube set (D:\RetroArch\roms\gamecube and D:\RetroArch\Dolphin). What commands should I use to execute each of these emulators correctly on fullscreen and windowed modes? Thank you for your responses.

  • Here is the link to the es_systems.cfg file if anyone here is interested:

    Thanks :-).

  • I have seemingly resolved this issue by using the official installer to create the .emulationstation folder. I also moved the systems folder here. Now the dolphin, pcsx2, and retroarch executables are in the same place. I even launched the retroarch program, changed the audio output to match the brand of my television, and selected the xaudio option. I saved the current configuration as well. But when I launch EmulationStation, I still have issues because I don't hear any audio from the other emulators (except for pcsx2 and dolphin). If anyone can help me fix this, please let me know. Thanks 😀.

  • I have solved the audio issue. I looked back at my es_systems.cfg file in my .emulationstation folder. I noticed that it points to the RetroArch executable in D:\ (my microSD card). I double clicked it and went to the Audio driver section/Output to make sure that audio was turned on. The Audio was also changed from xaudio to dsound. I also went to the Driver section to make that Audio was identified as dsound there as well.

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