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Looking for the cache directory of lr-mupen64plus-next

  • Pi Model or other hardware: Pi Model 4 (4GB)
    Power Supply used: Official Raspi 4 Powersupply
    RetroPie Version Used (eg 3.6, 3.8.1, 4.1 - do not write latest): unofficial 4.5.9
    Built From: (Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website)
    USB Devices connected: Keyboard Mouse Controller
    Controller used: Custom Fightstick with Brooks Board
    File: (File with issue - with FULL path)
    Emulator: lr-mupen64plus-next
    Attachment of config files: (PLEASE USE PASTEBIN.COM FOR LARGE LOGS)
    How to replicate the problem:

    I am trying to identify the cache directory with which to place .htc formatted texture files which are compatible with Mupen64plus-next

    PC based instructions for installation in Retroarch are
    1: Download the Mupen64plus-Next core.
    2: Load the core and a game, it doesn't matter which game. This will generate a Mupen64plus in the \system folder of your Retroarch install. (This folder did exist already when I looked in the /home/pi/Retropie/BIOS folder)
    3: In your \system\Mupen64plus folder create a new folder called cache and place your .htc format texture packs in this new folder.
    4: Now load up Retroarch and a game again and then bring up the Quick Menu > Options and look for Use High-Res textures and Use High-Res Full Alpha Channel. Set both of these to True and close out Retroarch once more.

    According to verbose logging
    [INFO] [Environ]: SYSTEM_DIRECTORY: "/home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS".
    I have tried creating
    just by making a cache folder and uploading .htc tex packs to this directory ensure my core was set to

    Corresponding game will load but texture packs do not apply I have confirmed that the use hi rez textures and full alpha channel options are on and saved.

    I have also checked the retroarch.cfg file to see if it is specifying a texture path or cache directory

    pi@retropie:/opt/retropie/configs/n64 $ cat retroarch.cfg | grep dir
    assets_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/assets"
    audio_filter_dir = "default"
    bundle_assets_dst_path_subdir = ""
    cache_directory = "/tmp/retroarch"
    content_history_dir = ""
    core_assets_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/downloads"
    cursor_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/database/cursors"
    dynamic_wallpapers_directory = "default"
    input_remapping_directory = "/opt/retropie/configs/n64/"
    joypad_autoconfig_dir = "~/.config/retroarch/autoconfig"
    libretro_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/cores"
    log_dir = "~/.config/retroarch/logs"
    overlay_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/overlay"
    playlist_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/playlists"
    quick_menu_show_save_content_dir_overrides = "true"
    recording_config_directory = ""
    recording_output_directory = ""
    resampler_directory = ""
    rgui_browser_directory = "~/RetroPie/roms"
    rgui_config_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/config"
    runtime_log_directory = "default"
    savefile_directory = "default"
    savefiles_in_content_dir = "false"
    savestate_directory = "default"
    savestates_in_content_dir = "false"
    screenshot_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/screenshots"
    screenshots_in_content_dir = "false"
    settings_show_directory = "true"
    system_directory = "~/RetroPie/BIOS"
    systemfiles_in_content_dir = "false"
    thumbnails_directory = "~/.config/retroarch/thumbnails"
    video_filter_dir = "default"
    video_shader_dir = "~/.config/retroarch/shaders"

    The cache directory it lists is simply a tmp cache folder not meant for the texture packs to reside in and again the system directory is specified.

  • Did you ever figure this out?

    Im having the same exact issue as you.

  • I'm sure someone else may have found this out but just in case; I had quite a few rice style hi-res texture directories and could not figure out how to get lr-mupen64plus-next to use them. Here's what I've done and so far, it's worked for all of them.

    • Make sure the usual (rom name matches texture pack and make sure it's in the rice path)
    • Next, load the ROM using mupen64plus-GlideN64-hires. This will load and create the .htc cache file we need for "next"
    • Exit the game, and check in:

    you should now see a .htc file.

    • copy the .htc file to

    if the cache directory doesn't exist, create it first.

    • Now go back and start the ROM using the lr-mupen64plus-next emulator profile. The hi-res images should now load
      YMMV however I'm assuming this would wok for everyone and also guessing a lot of people would know about it but I could not for the life of me figure it out until recently. I only run Linux machines and had no interest in trying to grab conversion programs to run them under wine, especially when it seems everything ON the retropie host can do it all or seems to.


  • I hope it's ok to still reply to this thread.
    @SpEnTBoY, I followed your instructions (which are very good, thank you) but when I look inside the


    directory it is always empty. Did you have to change anything on retroarch.cfg?
    I'm using the latest version of all the N64 emulators built from source, so maybe things could have changed from the versions you were using when you wrote your instructions above.
    Any tips are appreciated.

  • @GeekOB That directory wont have anything in it until you copy the .htc file created in the


    directory. If everything loaded ok from the previous stems there should be a .htc file in the above cache directory you copy to


    Hope this helps. For posterity I did not manually change anything in the retroarch.cfg file

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