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Cannot replace gamelist. Xml

  • [Hello. I recently set up an arcade cab with a RetroPie. My videos for my arcade games an my box art for snes and sega32x disappeared. Also my RetroPie menu information like pics an descriptions are gone. When I rescrapped sega32x an snes it worked an disappears after I shut my system down. I keep getting the message
    Lvl10: error parsing xml file “/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/snes/gamelist.xml”
    There is also a message for sega32x, RetroPie, and arcade. I have 2 gigs of free space an 97% use on the RetroPie welcome screen. I read the following articles.
    Solved gamelist being corrupted
    Error parsing xml file
    Scrapping metadata location
    How to generate gamelist.xml
    Sd memory issues
    RetroPie enable ssh
    Lvl10 error parsing xml file
    And around a half dozen reddit posts, all the above are from this site.
    I tried deleting an rescraping an it added my picture but did not save them. I tried again an shutdown using quit emulationstation an they disappeared again. I signed in through ssh and don’t have any gamelist xml files for these systems. Except RetroPie has a folder. I am not sure how to get the xml folders back. An when I scrap it doesn’t seem to be adding or creating new ones. Also I had videos for my arcade emulator so I am afraid to delete those images or rescrap that system. I also am not sure if the roms folder downloaded images is where those videos would be.
    All I want is to have box art for snes an sega32x that stays on my system.

    RetroPie menu: pics an descriptions back

    my arcade video clips to play again

    I have been using the es scrapper for snes an Sega 32x an it puts everything back but when I restart, shutdown, escape with f4, or quit emulation station the images are gone when I activate emulation station again. An through ssh I cannot seem to find any gamelist.xml folders for snes, sega32x, and arcade. I have hidden folders viewable and I am looking in

    I have all my gamelistxml files here for everything else the above 3 are missing. I also check RetroPie roms folders for each.
    This all started cause I added some themes an used the rest of my memory. I have since made about 3-4 gigs of space but some were lost recrapping. I still have at least 2gb s of space now. I am out of ideas the only thing I didn’t try that I have read so far is typing in the xml info myself. But this is because there isn’t a folder an there is no file to type it into. I also am not sure what I would type for a game but someone said typing one fixed the whole issue. However i can’t find a spot to type one an rescrapping isn’t adding that folder anywhere I can find it. Please help.

    I’m using a raspi3 version 3.5.1(in RetroPie setup) an emulation station v2.8.4rp.( On start menu)
    Raspberry pi 3 model b rev1.2(raspiconfig)

    I am not sure what other info I could add. Thanks for your help I really wanted to have my friends over an play some 4player co op but I wanted them to be able to look through the video clips of arcade an see the box art for snes as it helps pick stuff out to play.

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    You're using a very old RetroPie version, is there are reason for you to do that ?
    Regarding your issue - most likely EmulationStation cannot create any new files, since the filesystem is 97% in use. On Linux, by default, a filesystem will have 5% reserved to the root user to prevent users filling it accidentally (or maliciously).
    Run EmulationStation manually, then exit (via the menu or F4). Check the log file in ~/.emulationstation/es_log.txt and see if any errors occur when exiting (like files not being able to be created, etc.).

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