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Wireless Controller Recommendations

  • Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has some wireless controller recommendations. I've been using RetroPie for a few years now and I have two RetroPie consoles I've put together in my home. Since I started with RetroPie I've been using a pair of Logitech F710 controllers with each console. I considered them the best well rounded solution as they have all the functionality of a modern controller and are thus appropriate for any system I wish to emulate. The problem is either their USB receivers, or the radios used in general with these controllers are garbage. Button presses will often drop or not register and in the heat of the game this can get your character killed pretty quickly. Needless to say I've been tempted to throw said controllers out the window on more than one occasion. When the controllers really start dropping a lot of button presses is the point I usually rage quit for the day, lol.

    Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement for the Logitech F710 controllers I've been using? I prefer something with a USB receiver so I don't need to utilize the integrated Bluetooth in my Pi3 boards. However if pickings are slim, and you can vouch for the performance and reliability of a certain bluetooth controller I guess I'm open to it. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    The Sony Dualshock controllers, either the PS3 or PS4 models. If Bluetooth connectivity is an issue, use an USB BT adapter to get a more reliable conenction.

  • @mitu Ok thanks. Is there a particular USB bluetooth adapter you would recommend to use with the Dual Shock controllers?

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    I got one of these and can't complain. The ASUS ones are also ok (

  • @mitu Thanks. I may just give that a try because these controllers cutting in and out is seriously affecting my enjoyment of the console, lol. I'm not super thrilled about using Dual Shock controllers though because I've had a few wear out on me with below average use (the right direction on the d-pad has failed on two controllers) and I find the battery life on them to be way too short.

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    What you can do is get the USB-BT adapters first and then check if they fix the connection issues. The Pi 3B+ and later (well, only PI4 so far) models have better on-board bluetooth, but if your Pi is several years old, it might be just a Pi3/2 model.
    Once you put the adapter in your PI, make sure you disable the onboard Bluetooth.

  • @mitu Ok the models I'm using are the 3B. I never bothered with the 3B+ as it wasn't enough of an upgrade for me (I've got my 3B's clocked at 1350 MHz stable so I'd only gain 50 MHz) and I'm waiting for a nice Retroflag case to do a Pi4 build. I understand that the WiFi and Bluetooth functionality on the 3B is the same radio. I need the WiFi enabled so is it possible to deactivate onboard Bluetooth without disabling WiFi? If so where would I find that setting? Thanks.

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    @drake999 said in Wireless Controller Recommendations:

    I need the WiFi enabled so is it possible to deactivate onboard Bluetooth without disabling WiFi?

    Yes, you can disable the onbload Bluetooth without affecting the Wifi.

    If so where would I find that setting? Thanks.

    In the link I previously posted.

  • @mitu Lol, ok thanks.

  • @drake999 I use two Speedlink TORID (USB nano RF receiver). One receiver per controller, so there’s two receivers in PI.

    There has never been any issues running both at the same time.

    The only thing I can complain is that when running out of battery power, you do not get any heads up.

    The chargeable battery (by wired USB -> USB mini) lasts for 10 hours plus.

    Good luck

  • @Arcuza Awesome thanks. I will check those out. I prefer to have a single receiver per controller so that may be the way to go.

  • I impulse ordered one of these bad boys. A GameSir G3s. May turn out to be crap but figured it is worth a try.

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