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  • Re: Using a Single Button to Exit Games?

    This seems to be an old topic, but I was trying to sort this out myself. One person suggested tying the exit button to the hotkey to emulate both buttons being pressed. Obviously, this would be an issue because then it would also exit every time the hot key was pressed.

    So, I just put in a diode between the "exit" key and the "hotkey" with the cathode on the hotkey side and anode to the exit button. It works great! I plan to do this with other "quick" buttons such as Save and Load too.

    I just wanted to post for the next poor soul who is trying to get this to work.


  • @jgraves hi so is the idea that if the hot key is pressed alone the diode won’t transmit the electrical signal to the exit key but if the exit key is pressed it will also transmit the electrical signal to the hot key, thus triggering the combo? I have never used a diode before.

  • This is confusing ..

  • jgraves:

    Maybe you should elaborate your context a bit further... because if one is not using the "enable hotkey button" option and is editing the configs to her personal system, for all "meta"-actions assigned it will be only one key.
    Also what type of controller you are talking about, an I-PAC like Device would be a total different matter to a simple Zero-Delay USB Encoder or just an USB-Controller Device pluged-in...
    Though my words may sound like some form of criticism, I merely wan't to understand in what context your Tip would be helpfull to me or others.

  • Neat!

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