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Atari800 Issues

  • Hi All

    I have an RPI4 running a recent build of RetroPie main branch (after the merge of FKMS_RPI4).

    Atari800 emulator generally works fine but it has no support for mapping keys (Start, Select etc) to a controller. It also has issues with cart good but not perfect.

    Lr-Atari800 seems to have the answers but I can seem to get this working. Either you get returned to Emulation Station after attempting to load a rom or put into Atari Monitor or black screen.

    Verbose logs just give 'Segmentation Fault' and not much else.

    Can anyone confirm if they have lr-Atari800 working for PI4 or what else I could try?

    Thanks 😊

  • @macraem I have the same problem. Were you able to find any solution?

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