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MAME game not starting

  • So, hi again. I downloaded Area 51 to play with my mouse and it doesn't start. I see the small startup/configuration box pop up, then I see a black screen and then I get kicked back to ES. I am using a .78 rom with lr-mame2003. All of my other games work except Tetris where I get a warning saying the game doesn't work and then I get a black screen. Help?
    Pi 4B 1GB running master branch with an AmazonBasics mouse and F310 gamepad attached.

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    Maybe you don't have all the needed files ? I think Area 51 requires an additional .chd file to be played.

  • I have no clue what a .chd file is. I am downloading these from an archive site and I have yet to see a .chd file. Also, once I get it, where do I put it? Right in the ROM folder like with PSX .cues or in the game's .zip file or what?

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    @IceChes1 Please don't post links to ROM sites. Yes, I know that site is a bit different, but try to follow the rules.
    As for your problem - a .chd is an additional disk image needed by the game, it's usually placed in a sub-folder named after the .chd next to the ROMset archive.

  • Sorry. Thanks though. So I have to create a folder? I am using the arcade folder.

  • you can always check /dev/shm/runcommand.log file after the game fails to see why, A51 does need a .chd so the error should hopefully tell you that it's missing. The folder the chd goes in should be the same name as the rom as well as the chd file.



  • Thank you, Where would I get these files? I use a website to download which doesn't have mame-2003 stuff, so I have to download from the internet archive. Is there such thing as a .chd generator like there is with .cue files?

  • @IceChes1 the CHD files are going to be included with the ROMs, they may be in subfolders with the same name as the ROM.

    On a side note you need to listen to the moderators when they tell you not to post about romsites.

  • @IceChes1

    Look at the file size for the rom you are using.

    It’s possible you have an orphan/clone and not the parent rom.

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    @IceChes1 You've got a temporary ban for ROM linking and asking for ROMs, disregarding the forum rules. If you wish to return, try to follow them, as we all do.

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