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  • So, I need some help. I want to make a handheld with a phone game controller, a Pi 0, and a portable charger. I already have the charger, however I can't find any Pi 0 cases with built-in screens. I would like a non-touchscreen option. My other issue is that most of these screen-cases do not have any form of sound built in, leaving only the option of earbuds. I DO have a cheap speaker I ripped out of one of my broken electronics, and if anyone knows which GPIO pins to put that on it would be nice. It has two wires. I don't have soldering equipment so I'll have to just wedge the pins into the wire insulation.
    none of this is official yet it is a project I plan to do summer 2020
    Pi model: Pi 0
    PSU: PocketJuice 2000 mAh portable charger with connected 6-inch micro USB to USB wire. I'll have to find it first XD!
    Controller: Undecided
    USB devices: Undecided
    Screen: Undecided
    Built from: Planning to use the same SD I use for my 4B 1 GB, which is a Raspbian Buster manual master install. Don't know if it'll work though...
    Thanks in advance!

  • Actually the PSU is 5000 mAh and a touchscreen is fine. If anyone has any other Pi 0 screen options it would be fantastic, even if not built into a case.

  • Found all materials I need.

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