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Raspberry Pi In A Wii

  • Good Morning All

    New member here...

    I have been reading this forum for a week or so to get some ideas on how to place a Raspberry Pi 3B inside a Wii. I have also watched quite a few YouTube vids to get an idea on how to do this although there are none for the Wii so not all my questions have been answered this way hence I am now here. I did see a previous post by somebody stating that they were going to do this but it seems that person stopped before they started....

    Having built a Pi media streamer running MoOde software previously I feel confident enough to try this. (Totally recommend!)

    I have purchased a broken white Wii from ebay (99p + £3 postage). Cosmetically it is fine. I have also bought the extension cables (HDMI, power etc) to place on the back of the console. I also wish to place a microSD card reader in the SD card reader slot at the front. Also a 2.5 hard drive to store games as well.

    My aim is to spray the Wii black (good video on how to do this on YouTube) and place RetroPie stickers on the sides etc. I also would like to be able to use the buttons on the front of the Wii. I have seen a video that allows a button on the console itself for accessing the RetroPie menu which I would like to be the eject button. The power and reset buttons I was thinking of using a mausberry board. And finally to finish off I was hoping to place 2 LED's (green at the top and red at the bottom).

    Is this possible? If so any pointers would be gratefully received.

    Kind Regards


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