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  • Raspberry Pi3B+
    Retropie 4.4.15
    Retroarch 1.8.4

    Hi Folks,

    yesterday i updated RA and added the lines for cheevos in "/opt/configs/all/retroarch.cfg" as explained in the tutorial.
    Everything works pretty well, i am impressed how great Retro-Achievments has become!!! :)

    Just an issue left, and one thing that worked different to the official guide:

    • Different to the Guide: concerning NEOGEO-Games it is said that you have to use the "AES-BIOS (ASIA/engl.)". I did not want that as i prefer to play the Arcade-Versions of the Games.
      I was very happy that the cheevos work anyway with "MVS BIOS" set ;D

    • Issue: PSX-Games dont work with cheevos. The docs say that "lr-PSX-reArmed" (updated yesterday from binary) is supported, but i have no cheevos. Could this happen because i use *.PBPs? Just guessing, i have no idea :/

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • Ok,l got it.

    Joust found the Topic to lr-psx_reARMed in the Retro-Achievments-Community.
    Only CUE/BIN is supported, PBPs cannot be hashed.

    So i will probably change back to BIN/CUE at least for the SingleDisc-Games ;)

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