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Weird Hotkey Issue PSX

  • Hello everyone. I'll start by saying I'm not particularly knowledgeable of the inner workings of RetroPie. I have a minor issue with the default PlayStation emulator where the Select + L1 combination for loading a state is also ejecting the virtual CD-Rom disc, killing the game when I try to load a previous state. I'm sure this is just a minor thing I need to correct in a config file somewhere, but could someone please point me in right direction? I would like to assign it to the L2 trigger instead, or disable it entirely as it is unlikely I will need it at all. Thanks in advance.

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    Please add more info about your system, as detailed in By default, the eject/load key is not set in RetroPie.

  • @mitu I don't have time to collect all that information. I do know it is RetroPie 4.4. I'm using a Pi3B. I'm not the one who set this machine up, it was done by a friend of mine and I'm looking to resolve an issue he apparently overlooked. If it is not a simple answer you can disregard the request. I figured its just a config file somewhere, change this, save that, done. I play mostly on the 16-bit stuff anyway. It's just more a thorn in my side than anything. I'll see what I can find online when I get the time to research it. Thanks anyway.

  • @drake999 have you tried asking your friend who made this for you? Maybe he can get you this info @mitu is asking you for.

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    It should be an easy answer, but it also depends on how the system is set up and what version you're using - that's why this info is asked in

    Just a hint - try locating the retroarch.cfg file in \\retropie\configs\all and search for the input_disk_eject_toggle configuration parameter. If it's set, then comment it out (add a # at the beginning of the line).

    If that doesn't work, then, as @markyh444 said, maybe ask your friend to tell you how he/she set it up ?

  • @markyh444 I don't want to bother him with it. He donated his time to set this up for me as basically a gift and I would rather not ask he devote more time to it. So yeah I did think of that, but I figured this was the better option.

  • @mitu Ok thanks. At least that is a starting point for me. I'll be sure to be properly versed in the rules for future posts. Thanks, I appreciate the hint.

  • @drake999 we'll need more info though, otherwise it's just some sort of educated guesswork. If you don't want to bother your friend, you'll have to try yourself.

  • @markyh444 Okay. Mitu gave me a starting point to work from so I will take his advice and go from there. If I need further assistance I'll be sure to take the time to collect the necessary information first. Thanks for your responses.

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