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Tronkyfran "Collections" Artwork?

  • Hi everyone, I'm completely new here but I've been searching everywhere for a fix to this issue.
    I have Tronkyfran running on my RaspberryPi 3B+. Running ES just fine, theme is awesome...except the collections selection has no art (for the actually word "Collections") and when I click on it the screen with all the collections I have is not the same theme and I can't use it as its a black screen with black letters...I saw tutorials on how to add a system and thats easy enough HOWEVER this isn't a system but a collection of ROMS through my build. I assume this isn't going to operate the exact same way. I can't see any collections folder anywhere to scope out a solution. Anyone here have a fix for this? I have art just no idea about the rest.
    Thank you!

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