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Help with Bezelproject on Arcade?

  • So I have bezel project installed. I've noticed the borders show up automatically for NES,SNES and other systems. But on Arcade like emulation, I have to apply it myself through Retroarch.

    I'm using a Pi 3B+.

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  • You didn't actually ask any question. The facts you listed are just facts.

  • Ok ,so can anybody help me with this? Is there a way to have the bezels show up automatically for the arcade or MAME roms?

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    Did you actually install the corresponding bezels from the install script ? What MAME/Arcade emulator are you using ?

  • @mitu I have the romsets for each emulator according to a rom site. I've gone through the games in the arcade folder,MAME and the final burn arcade folder. I've clicked the install script (the top option) in the bezel project menu

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    @Dcm210 One of the rules of the forum is to not post links to ROM sites. Please don't.
    'each emulator' - can you please be more specific ? Also, add a few info about your system, as detailed in FinalBurn Alpha is no more, it's been replaced in RetroPie by FB Neo - some paths have changed, so if you're using an older RetroPie release, a more recent Bezel Project install might not work.

    Give us a concrete example - ROM name, emulator - that's not showing the bezel and we can check if it's supported.

  • Ok so I just was experimenting with various roms . The bezels seem to show up properly for MAME 2003, But not much luck for MAME 2010. Advance MAME dones't even launch games. The correct bezels did show up for some of the X-Men Games and 88Games in MAME 2003.

    Edit 1: Also gmaes under MAME which include MAME4ALL or MAME2000 doesn't show bezels at all. FBNeo just seem to have the default "Arcade" bezels on the sides. So it looks like it just works with MAME 2003 and maybe MAME 2003 Plus, but not 2010.

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    You should check out the supported emulators of the BezelProject: Mame2003 and FBNeo are supported, MAME 2010 is not. Advmame or Mame4All are not RetroArch based emulators, so they're not supported.

  • Hmm ok so pretty much just stick to those two emulators. Thank you very much. You've been very helpful.

    However I did laucnh 88Games in FBneo and it had the correct bezels. So I guess it also varies by game. Again thank you so much for the help.

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